Guerneville Real Estate on the Russian River

The Guerneville real estate market is brisk at the moment. We are seeing multiple offers for properties that are competitively priced. Guerneville riverfront properties such as the ones on Drake Road and the Vacation Beach area are considered upper end and can go from $ 400,00 and up.

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If you are looking for a smaller cabin or cottage areas along Hulbert Creek such as Lovers Lane or Old Cazadero Road have some private cute cottages that back up to seasonal creeks. Dubrava Village condominiums provide a great opportunity to have a home maintained by a homeowners association with a common clubhouse and your own private river front beach. Dubrava Village starts in the low 200′s. Guerneville real estate is affordable.

Buy Hilltop Real Estate in Guerneville

If you are looking for something a little more private, Guerneville, CA offers homes that have been built up on the hills overlooking town. These homes generally have sweeping views of the valley below, are private and get pleanty of sun and are spectacular full time homes, vacation homes or vacation rentals.

Guernville, CA Homes are Selling!

The Guerneville real estate market is trending upward. It appears that because of low interest rates and the market correction buyers have decided that now is the time to buy. We are seeing a mix of first time home buyers, investors and vacationers from the Bay Area that are buying. Inventory is still limited which has been creating a competitive market.

Time To Awaken Your Vacation Rental!

If you own a vacation rental on the Russian River then chances are you make a pretty good profit during the summer months. What if I told you that even though you have a successful vacation rental you can still kick it up a notch and make it the best vacation rental on the Russian River! I have compiled a list of things that you can do to take your vacation rental from ordinary to extraordinary!

When you buy a home that you plan to rent out a good starting point is to clean it thoroughly. I don’t just mean vacuuming the floors or windexing the windows either…I mean a deep clean! Take out the power washer and hose it off from the roof to the walkway/stairs.

This is important because leaves and spiderwebs and all sorts of natural clutter and dust will cover your home quickly making it feel dirty before anyone actually makes in indoors. Make sure that there aren’t a bunch of knick knacks lying around that can get broken or will be in the way. Make sure that all of the wood is polished and the counters are clear giving your home an open airy feeling that is welcoming. Also add a fresh coat of paint that has color. Plain white is great when you are selling a home, but when you have a vacation rental you are creating a dream space for people so that they will want to come back year after year and people don’t dream of their vacation spot in black and white, they dream in color.

Another good idea is to pick a theme and stick to it! If you decided that the Russian River is your theme then add blue and green rugs to the home. Make sure the curtains match the rugs and the bedding matches the curtains. Hang photos of the Russian River, people kayaking, river quotations, and anything else river related. But if you chose to do a river theme then don’t put cowboy sheets on the bed and ocean shells in the bathroom! Mixing themes is chaotic creating an atmosphere of chaos and unease in a place that you want people to feel relaxed and comfortable.

Put your lights on a dimmer switch! This is a small touch that makes a big difference. When your vacationers are reading or playing games they will need more light then when they are watching a movie or having dinner. Having a dimmer switch allows them to control how much light they need making them more comfortable and saving electricity at the same time.

The average vacationer on the Russian River will spend a third of their time on the river and a third of their time in bed. That being said keep water toys, kayaks, floaties, etc for your visitors to use while they are out on the river. Also make sure you invest in fairly firm mattresses that have memory foam or down covers that can be removed and washed. The reason for this is because the firmer mattresses will last longer and the covers are easier to replace. In addition the softness of the covers will giver your visitors the comfort they are looking for. Provide a variety of different kinds of pillows. This is great for all ages, adults will be able to pick the most comfortable pillows for them and the children will have a blast participating in late night pillow fights!

These small additions to your home will make it memorable to visitors keeping them coming back year after year. Vacation Rentals are a huge portion of the real estate market here on the Russian River. If you have been thinking about investing in a home that you can use as a vacation rental when you are not enjoying some time away on the Russian River call David R. Millar (BRE#01354778) at 707-217-1786 and let me find you a home in Paradise! We can also be found on Google+, Twitter,, and on our Word Press blog titled Russian River Land and Home.

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The Unbreakable Connection To The Russian River!

The Russian River is a resort town full of excited vacationers escaping the reality of their lives and for awhile they get to experience paradise. This isn’t new! Since the onset of the logging industry in the 1800′s this town has had a very lucrative Summer season. But there is another side of the Russian River, a side that is seldom looked at with any scrutiny. This side consists of the rich history of the area, the strength of the community, and the natural connection with the earth that develops within a person every minute that they spend here. This is the side I have gotten to experience over the years and it is the side that developed in me an unbreakable connection to my home here on the Russian River.

The history of the area isn’t as cut and dry as who built what and who did what, but who developed a legacy that lives on today. Claire Harris, current owner of the notorious Johnson’s beach here in Guerneville, attended school at what is now the Vets Hall over seventy years ago. Grant King owned a tackle shop on Main Street where famous fisherman have gathered throughout history making history with the fish that they caught. King’s still stands on Main Street in honor of Grant King. George Guerne, the town’s leading citizen in 1870, owned the Heald and Guerne lumber mill with a partner. The community as a whole was so impressed by this Swiss settler that they named the town after him! The Korbel Brothers owned a saw mill just outside of Rio Nido that was very well known. You would recognize it today as Korbel winery. Colonial Armstrong went against the advice of his peers buying acres of redwood trees that he refused to chop down for lumber. He preserved these acres into what is known today as Armstrong Woods State Park. The founding families in this town have left their legacy for us to build on and enjoy. The rich history of this town unites this community and rockets us into the future as we continue what those settlers started over two hundred years ago.

The strength of this community never ceases to amaze me. Our town was built near a river and whenever you have large bodies of water, and a rainy season, you get floods! Floods happen here once in awhile and this community stands together through each and every one. During the winter months whether their is a flood or not the community opens a temporary shelter for the homeless so they can stay warm and dry. Community members bind together volunteering to cook and serve hot meals at the shelter so that those who are hungry will get fed. The community organizes creek and river clean up days where they go and collect the garbage that has accumulated keeping our home looking magnificent. The Sister’s hold bingo every month and donate the proceeds to a local charity and the River to Coast Children’s Center protects and cares for our children. This community binds together to help anyone in need whenever possible. The strength I draw from this community is indescribable.

The natural connection that one gets from visiting the Russian River is tangible. It is the reason that people find themselves vacationing here year after year. It is that hot summer sun on your face as you float down the Russian River on a kayak and all you hear is the sound of the wind and the birds chattering in the treetops. It is that moment when you are walking through Armstrong Woods and the sun peeks through the canopy onto the faerie rings and you spot a mother Fox teaching her family how to hunt. It is the cool breeze of salty air as you watch the sun set over the Pacific Ocean at Shell beach listening to the seagulls say hello to the moon hanging on the horizon. It is watching the blue heron return year after year to claim the river as his hunting ground for the summer season. Listening to the powerful beat of his wings as he soars overhead and watching the deer come out to graze at dusk.

These are the reason’s that I love living on the Russian River. This is why I am bound to this place and this community. There is no place else I would rather live than right here in this amazing place surrounded by wonderful people and soaking up all that nature provides. If you have visited here and fallen in love with the area yourself and are thinking about buying a home here call David R. Millar(BRE#01354778) at 707-217-1786 and let me find you a home in paradise!

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How Ceola Became Guerneville!

The heart of the Russian River is a small town, founded in the early 1800′s, that is commonly known today as Guerneville. The earliest settlers to the area were small Native American communities that used to settle in Guerneville for the summer season. The most prominent of these communities were the Pomo who aptly named the area Ceola, which roughly translated means the dark place! Not only did the large canopy keep the light from filtering in making Guerneville dark and shady but the Pomo also believed that there were spirits haunting the area making it mysterious and forbidden.

In the early 1860′s R.R Lunsford and his team of European settlers developed a lumber camp near the Russian River. I suppose you could say this was the first real estate investment in the area. He supplied the areas rapidly growing cities such as Petaluma, San Francisco, Santa Rosa, and Sonoma with rails, shingles, and rough timbers and quickly grew into a very successful industry.

Armstrong Woods

The town began to grow and prosper and many other sawmills were developed giving rise to a huge logging industry that swept through the area leaving the town with its very first English name…Stumptown.

Shortly after this took place a new name came about due to “One report in 1886 documented that trees cut from just one acre in “Big Bottom,” essentially the Russian River basin, yielded more than 1.4 million board feet of lumber.” The belief was that if just one acre could produce that much lumber than imagine what you could build with ten acres? It was at this point that the people decided that a section of redwoods must be spared. This small piece of the forest would later be named Armstrong Woods in honor of Colonel Armstrong that helped preserve the trees in the 1870′s. By now homes were being built with redwood lumber all throughout Stumptown and the smaller surrounding communities. The buying and selling of local Russian River Real Estate had finally taken off. In 1865 a Swiss gentleman moved to the area and along with a partner he bought a local Lumber mill from S.H.Torrance.

Heald and Guerne Lumber Mill

The saw mill was named Heald and Guerne Lumber Mill. The Gentleman’s name was George Guerne and he had quickly become the town’s most prominent citizen. In 1870 Stumptown got its very first US Postal Office and the town was officially named Guerneville after the town’s favorite citizen.

As the mighty giant redwoods gave way through the massive logging era Gravenstein apple trees began to replace them and the settlement, with the amazing apple crop, grew larger and flourished.

George and Eliza Guerne

The town became a popular vacationing spot for wealthy vacationers from San Francisco in the late 19th century. ” In 1874 Conel Peter Donahue was asked to extend a branch railroad spur from his main line further inland at Fulton to Guerneville to more efficiently haul lumber out of the area. Donahue agreed and started construction but did not complete the line all the way to Guerneville because of a dispute that arose over payment. He stopped at the Korbel bothers’ sawmill, three miles short of Guerneville. Eventually the Guerneville mills financed the remaining three miles of track and the first train reached Guerneville in March, 1877.”

The 1930′s brought the downfall of the local train system as many people began purchasing motor vehicles.Winter floods in 1964 caused a further decline in business conditions.As the economy grew weaker many locals began to wonder what would become of their once thriving town. “Two world wars, floods and other disasters put a dent in the growing tourism industry but in 1946, some enterprising Guernevillians decided to take the proceeds from the town’s only slot machine and announce to the world a three-day celebration called “Stumptown Daze” as a means of informing folks that

Guerneville is alive, well and open for business!” Stumptown Daze quickly became an annual celebration that continues to this day as one of Guerneville’s leading events. “A renaissance took place in the late 1970s as large numbers of gay entrepreneurs from San Francisco identified the area as a prime recreational destination for weekends. Many older resorts gained a new lease on life with the new visitors, and in general, the town’s businesses began to thrive again.”

Train circa 1900′s

Before too long a new wave of crops struck Guerneville and the Gravenstien apple trees were replaced with large vineyards that produced beautiful crops. Korbel Brother’s, keeping up with the times and the local demand for fine wine, turned their sawmill into a winery. That winery has remained a local landmark just outside of Rio Nido since then. Likewise Russian River real estate is a booming industry. Typically the political views in the area are very liberal making it a very safe and judgement free place to vacation during the summer months and a strong community to those who live here year round. Today the local real estate market consists primarily of people who work in San Francisco who are looking to diversify their investment portfolio into real estate who buy vacation homes and rent them out when they are not using them. Due to the onset of creek and river protection laws getting permits to build here on the Russian River is notoriously hard. This means that since there isn’t anything being built that inventory remains low and the demand for a home in Guerneville continues to go up. If you have been thinking about investing in a home on the Russian River Call David R. Millar (BRE#01354778) at 707-217-1786 visit us at We can also be found on Google+, Twitter, on our Word Press blog titled Russian River Land and Home, and on Facebook at I am David Millar and I am ready to find you your next home in paradise! #Russianriverrealestate #activelife #Russianriverliving #guernevillerealestate #guerneville #LocalGuernevilleAgent

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Photo’s by Western Sonoma County Historical Society Collection

Main Street Legal Will Help You Build A Better Future On The Russian River!


Sebastian Titus owns a legal office in the same building as Millar and Company and as a local Russian River Real Estate agent I want to be able to refer my clients to the best of whatever they need. If they are hungry, I want to send them to a great restaurant. If they want to stay in town for a couple of days while viewing property I want to refer them to a great inn in town and if they want to start a business or set up a living trust, I want to send them to a lawyer that I trust. Sebastian Titus at Main Street Legal is where I would refer my  Russian River clients because he is honest and local and his goal is to provide local affordable service that will help people secure their future!

Sebastian Titus was admitted to the Bar June 3rd, 2013 and immediately set up his office here on the Russian River. He is a local and he is a huge part of the Guerneville community. He has lived in the Russian River area since 2003 with his family and says that Russian River Living is about knowing your neighbors and being a part of the community.

Sebastian specializes in Estate planning and Business Law. “Estate planning is the process of anticipating and arranging for the disposal of an estate during a person’s life. Estate planning typically attempts to eliminate uncertainties over the administration of a probate and maximize the value of the estate by reducing taxes and other expenses. However, the ultimate goal of estate plan is determined by the specific goals of the client and may be as simple or complex as the client’s needs dictate.Guardians are often designated for minor children and beneficiaries in incapacity.” This is important in real estate because trusts are a common place for real estate to be held. Many people will put their estate in a trust or create a will in which the real estate would switch hands after their death to whomever they have willed their property to. This must be set up properly with a good lawyer in order to avoid problems in the future with your Russian River Real Estate.

The other side of Sebastian’s legal specialty is Business Law. “Commercial law, also known as business law, is the body of law that applies to the rights, relations, and conduct of persons and businesses engaged in commerce, merchandising, trade, and sales. It is often considered to be a branch of civil law and deals with issues of both private law and public law.” Many of the people who invest in Russian River Real Estate are also looking to start businesses in the area and want to live close by in order to run their business. It is important that a business is run legally and Sebastian is here to make sure your business here on the Russian River runs legally and that your investment in your future is a sound one.

If you are planning on starting a business in the Russian River area or if you have been thinking about setting up a living trust or will call Sebastian Titus at 707-237-1044 or visit his website at If you are thinking about relocating to the Russian River to set up a small business call David R. Millar at 707-217-1786 and I will find you your home in Paradise! You can also visit us at BRE#01354778 We have a great Facebook Page dedicated to the lifestyle here on the Russian River as well and can also be found on Google+, Twitter, and on our Word Press blog titled Russian River Land and Home. I am David Millar and I am ready to find you your next home in paradise! #Russianriverrealestate #activelife #Russianriverliving #guernevillerealestate #guerneville #LocalGuernevilleAgent

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How Millar and Company Will Market Your Russian River Home!

 One of the most frequent questions I get asked when I am talking to someone who is thinking about selling their Russian River home is “What are you going to do to market my home so it will sell?” This question is very important because when you are listing your house you want it exposed to as many people in as many places as possible in order to get the most interest that will generate top dollar for your home! Millar and Company understands this and knows that in order to make sure your home is completely exposed we have to have it everywhere in print, online, and in person through an open house!

To begin let me introduce myself and my team! I am David R. Millar and I am a Local Russian River Real Estate agent specializing in Riverfront Vacation Homes. My Assistant is Carol Papworth. She does the transaction coordinating and general marketing for your home. Luna is my Real Estate Dog and she helps with the marketing of your home. Patrick Pennington is our preferred local lender here on the Russian River and he works with Stearns Lending. Last but never least is First American Title which is our preferred title company here on the Russian River because they really know how to get the job done.

Our mission here at Millar and Company is to sell your home to someone who will love it as much as you, while providing positive solutions in an optimistic atmosphere. Our perspective is that we love helping people accomplish their dreams and building relationships. We strive to help people reach beyond today and achieve their higher vision of their future. We believe that we don’t just live on the river; we are part of the river!
Millar and Company will provide you with amazing customer service during the entire selling process. This includes taking the time to understand your wants, needs and expectations, returning your phone calls and emails as soon as possible and being honest with you at all times!

We will advise you on the best pricing for your home by preparing a CMA (comparative market analysis) and assist you in staging your home if that is what you wish to do. We will properly list your Russian River house by uploading your property into the MLS (multiple listing service) and placing a sign in your yard, as well as attaching a lockbox to your home tied to an automatic feedback system that captures all showing information for future feedback!
We will hold an open house and have available flyers for interested parties. Then we will present any and all offers to you and advise you of the terms and conditions while negotiating with the buyer/buyers on your behalf. It is important to make sure you are also featured in print as well so we will place your Russian River home in the Press Democrat to help generate even more buyers for your home. We will use Zillow, Trulia, HomeFinder, and a whole stream of online marketing sites to generate buyers for you home. We will use a lead capture site to drive hundreds of interested buyers for your home to our website so we can contact them on your behalf. We will make sure you have an online virtual tour for your home so that buyers can view it form their home computers and create gorgeous ads to place on craigslist showing off your home. Also we will create a single property website that allows buyers to access any and all public information about your home and allowing you to follow your home through all of the channels to see where it is posted online.

We will create an E-flyer and send it out to a database of over 2,000 people interested in buying a home on the Russian River and feature your home on a Google blog titled Russian River Real Estate. We will add your home to our WordPress blog, Russian River Land and Home, and blast the photos and information about your home through all social media, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+!
We will schedule and coordinate the completion of inspections and contingencies and make sure you have a timeline available so you know what is happening and when it is due to happen! We are available to you 24/7 and we will treat you with the trust, respect, and honesty that you deserve. We will coordinate and supervise the preparation of all closing documents and guide you through the closing process while maintaing a positive and relaxing atmosphere!

The town of Guerneville is known for how it binds together in a judgment free way to create a safe and accepting place for people to come. Many people will buy a Vacation Rental here on the Russian River and visit during the summer and rent it out the rest of the year to other vacationers! Some invest in Russian River Real Estate in order to live here year round and are quickly accepted into the Guerneville community.
If you have been thinking about buying a second home full of peace and tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of the city or are looking to relocate to this Russian River Paradise call David R. Millar at 707-217-1786 or visit us We can also be found on Google+, Twitter, and on our Word Press blog titled Russian River Land and Home. I am David Millar and I am ready to find you your next home in paradise! #Russianriverrealestate #activelife #Russianriverliving #guernevillerealestate #guerneville #LocalGuernevilleAgent

Monte Rio Cab Is Seeing Red!

I have lived on the Russian River and sold Russian River Real Estate for some time now and I have gotten to know some of the local people in Guerneville very well! Jackie Imiach own’s Monte Rio Taxi here in the Russian River area. Jackie is a good friend and an amazing woman with a friendly vivacious personality and a knack for seeing the good in everything. Her mission is to get people where they are going safely and in a timely manner while creating a safe, positive atmosphere for her customers.

Recently Jackie invested in a new van that is in much better condition than the last one and is more in tune with the standards that she has set for her company! Now when you see Jackie driving through town she is doing it in style in a candy apple red van with brand new lettering! Monte Rio Taxi is the talk of the Russian River right now!

However that is not the only change Jackie has made recently! She has also hired on a wonderful driver by the name of Marlayna Ausick who enthusiastically remarked that Jackie’s Cab company is awesome! “This is the best job I have ever had,” she exclaimed when I asked her how she felt about driving for Monte Rio Taxi here on the Russian River.

Mother’s Against Drunk Driving recently reported that “Every 53 minutes on average, someone is killed in a drunk driving crash (9,878 people in total in 2011). Every 90 seconds, someone is injured because of this entirely preventable crime.” Jackie’s Cab is a judgement free atmosphere where you can be sure that if you have been drinking that you are not going to end up hurting or killing yourself or someone else. She will make sure you get home safely and that you are not putting anyone else in danger by driving while intoxicated.

Women who walk alone at night increase the chance of getting attacked by a predator. The Russian River has its crime like every other town and city. To be on the safe side, taking Monte Rio Taxi will eliminate the danger of walking alone at night and give you a sense of security! Jackie is a wonderful woman who has your best interest at heart. She will make sure that you are safe and taken care of! She is very trustworthy and knows the area very well.

The fare is fair in my opinion! Jackie charges a base rate of three dollars to pick you up and an additional three dollars a mile after that. If you are intoxicated and get sick in the van there is a fifty dollar cleaning fee but that is rare. Mostly it is a pleasant trip with either Jackie or Marlayna to your destination!


So the next time you are out and about in the Russian River take the safe route and call Monte Rio Taxi at 707-849-6802!

The town of Guerneville is known for how it binds together in a judgement free way to create a safe and accepting place for people to come. Many people will buy a Vacation Rental and visit during the summer and rent it out the rest of the year to other vacationers! Some invest in Russian River Real Estate in order to live here year round and are quickly accepted into the Guerneville community. If you have been thinking about buying a second home full of peace and tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of the city or are looking to relocate to this Russian River Paradise call David R. Millar at 707-217-1786 or visit us at We can also be found on Google+, Twitter, and on our Word Press blog titled Russian River Land and Home. I am David Millar and I am ready to find you your next home in paradise! #Russianriverrealestate #activelife #Russianriverliving #guernevillerealestate #guerneville #LocalGuernevilleAgent

What Is My Russian River Home Worth?

As a local Guerneville Real Estate agent here on the Russian River I get lots of questions from people who are about to list their home. One of the most common questions is what is my home worth? I decided to write a short blog that outlines the most important things in determining the value of a home on the Russian River!
This question is very difficult to answer in terms of Guerneville and  Russian River real estate because each home is very different and unique and prices are not determined by square footage, number of bedrooms and  bathrooms. On the Russian River there are five things that add to the appeal of a home. The first one is does it have river access or is it riverfront? This is important since most of the area is made up of vacation rentals and second homes and buyers want to know  if they buy a summer home are they going to be able to hang out on the beach.
Also riverfront homes are in such high demand and there are so few on the market that the value of a riverfront home is much higher than one with river access that is not riverfront. The second question to ask yourself is does it have privacy? People who are buying second homes are looking for privacy. They want to be close to town but secluded enough that they can soak up the peace and tranquility of the forest.
The third question is does it have charm?

Every house on the Russian River is unique and different in its own way however there is a certain amount of charm that people are looking for when they go to buy a home. They want something that is special and different.
The fourth question is does it have a view?

This is important because a great view is reason enough to invest in Russian River real estate. If your home has an awesome view of the Russian River then the value of your home is increased and buyers are more likely to want to see it. The last and final question is probably one of the most important questions to ask yourself! Does my home get sun? This is a common question among people looking to invest in Russian River real estate because sun allows them to have a garden if they want, or to have flowerbeds, or even just to sunbathe on the porch. call David R. Millar at 707-217-1786 or visit us at We can also be found on Google+, Twitter, and on our Word Press blog titled Russian River Land and Home. We have a great Facebook page as well at  I am David Millar and I am a local agent you can trust!

It is not easy to find homes that get good sunlight in the middle of a redwood forest so if your home does get sun then that will greatly increase the value of your home as well! To get a better idea of what your home is worth put your information into the box  below or

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Revealing The Beauty Of The Historical Fern Grove Cottages In Guerneville!

I went over to Fern Grove Cottages recently to talk to the Innkeeper Annie Boutelle to find out more about the historical cottages and what they have to offer people visiting the Russian River. What she revealed to me was absolutely stunning! To begin this story I would first like to pay tribute to Fern Grove Cottages for having an Innkeeper! This seems to be a dying breed as many of the Hotels, Inns, and Bed and Breakfasts have switched to using managers and staff. Fern Grove is unique in that everything about the place screams of the old ways. They have Annie, a devoted Innkeeper, who spends her days compiling binders full of information on specific things people would like to do, see, or eat at while they are visiting the Russian River. Russian River area is invaluable to anyone visiting the Russian River!


Her binders include local events, bird watching, hiking, biking, Regional parks, Night life (theater, art, etc), relaxation (meditation, yoga, spas, etc), wine tours, history of the area, and so much more! She answers the phone, chats with visitors, and coordinates everything while maintaining a cheerful, positive attitude that keeps people coming back year after year. Annie has been the Innkeeper at Fern Grove for four years and previously worked at the R3! She is a local and is a certified tour guide. Her knowledge of the
The next thing I noticed was the impeccably kept gardens and flowerbeds that surround Fern Grove Cottages and create a magical setting for the people staying there! There is a community garden area with BBQ pits and fresh produce that is shared with the people who are guests of Fern Grove. Mario has been the gardener there for 20 years and has created an absolutely stunning landscape that is enjoyed by the guests year round.
Fern Grove Is pet friendly and is welcoming of children of all ages as well. Their Lounge is decorated with stunning art, books for avid readers, and board games for children.
They have a beautiful fireplace for the cooler evenings and a large dinning area where they serve breakfast. This was another thing that made Fern Grove Cottages so amazing, they are not just an Inn! In fact they are a Bed and Breakfast! Famous for their homemade scones and granola, Fern Grove provides breakfast at no additional cost to its visiting guests every morning in the lounge!
An unnamed artist had visited a few years ago and had taken pictures of the stunning gardens. She then returned home and painted pictures using the photographs as her inspiration. These paintings of Fern Grove were then printed and the prints are available for sale in the lounge at Fern Grove not only accenting the beauty of the gardens but also carrying on the ancient Russian River tradition of promoting local art!
The history of the place is interesting as well. Fern Grove was originally built in the 1920′s and many of the regulars have continued to come back for generations! There is what used to be an old outhouse that stands in the middle of the courtyard  surrounded by beautiful flowers. Since the onset of modern day plumbing the outhouse has been converted into a garden shed, however the history of what once was continues to delight guests time and time again!
Have you ever seen a real mermaid? If your answer was no then it is time to book an appointment to visit Fern Grove Cottages in Guerneville.
The Mermaids are a local group that does fund raising to help change the aquatic problems in the area. They focus on saving endangered ocean animals, help to create clean water sources, and protect water based plants to survive. Fern Grove is the only place in town that offers a heated salt water pool that the mermaids need for their practice and it is not uncommon for visitors to head out to the pool only to discover mermaids swimming around or sunbathing nearby!
Fern Grove Cottages consists of 21 cottages that are subdivided into three categories. The first are one room studio cottages that are perfect for a single person or a couple. The second are one bedroom cottages that also have a living room and a small kitchenette and the third are the two bedroom cottages that also have their own living room but contain full functioning kitchens as well. What I found most interesting about these cottages was that they were all themed! There was a cowboy theme, a butterfly theme, and a bird theme in the cottages I got a peek at! Also many of the cottages offer jetted spa tubs and fireplaces to create a completely relaxing atmosphere for visitors!
As a local Guerneville real estate agent in the Russian River are it is vital that I have a working knowledge of what is in the area and what services they provide so that when a visiting client asks where the best place to stay in town is, or what the best restaurant in town is, I have places that I can recommend to them and know that they will get the best possible service. Fern Grove Cottages is a place that I would recommend to anyone visiting Guerneville and the Russian River. They are welcoming and take the time and care to making sure that their guests are happy and well taken care of! If you are visiting Guerneville call Innkeeper Annie at 707-869-8150 or visit and make a reservation today!
 If you have been thinking about buying a second home full of peace and tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of the city call David R. Millar at 707-217-1786 or visit us at We can also be found on Google+, Twitter, and on our Word Press blog titled Russian River Land and Home. I am David Millar and I am ready to find you your next home in paradise! #Russianriverrealestate #activelife #Russianriverliving #guernevillerealestate #guerneville #LocalGuernevilleAgent
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Shakin’ It Up In Shakedown Street In Guerneville!

Coco Johnson moved to Guerneville from Detroit three years ago and immediately opened her own little shop. Shakedown Street has what we like to call “River Charm!” It is primarily made up of local, hand made items and has a very green, peaceful feel to it! This is the basic idea of River Charm to be local, sort of organic feeling, homemade, and environmentally friendly. Shakedown Street has embodied River Charm choosing to have a very diverse selection of items, mostly hand made and a store that creates a sense of peace upon entering!

Coco met me with a smile and was very helpful. She told me that although she has only owned Shakedown Street for three years she has actually been a seamstress for over nine years and has developed the skills to turn her visions of beautiful clothing and curtains into a reality! She said that the most unique thing about their shop was the custom quality that she gives to each item. If you go into the store and really like something but they don’t have it in your favorite color or your personal size they will customize it for you! She makes curtains as well and is proud to be able to work with Bonnie over at Bonnie Sew-Good!

Her Collection was very diverse ranging from crystals and feathered jewelry to clothing and curtains for your home. She has home made guitar and drum covers and feathered hat pins. Her collection although varied all carries a fun, locally made feeling in every piece that weaves them together and makes them fit in harmony at Shakedown Street.

Coco lives in Monte Rio where she can experience the calm tranquility of the area. She says that her favorite place to be is on the Russian River. When I asked her what she thought of when she heard Russian River Living her response was quick and to the point. Without missing a beat she said “this place is awesome!” This was not surprising. Many of the locals have a passion for the Russian River and there seems to always be a general consensus that this place is one of the most amazing places to visit and to live in.
Coco has no plans to expand her shop at this time, however she is thinking about making it more custom and cutting down on the stock that is retail so that she can focus more on the local art and custom designed items that she really wants to fill the store with. She is thinking about reorganizing to create more space and has plans to remain open for business for years to come.

If you have been thinking about buying a second home full of peace and tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of the city call David R. Millar at 707-217-1786 or visit us at We can also be found on Google+, Twitter, and on our Word Press blog titled Russian River Land and Home. I am David Millar and I am ready to find you your next home in paradise! #Russianriverrealestate #activelife #Russianriverliving #guernevillerealestate #guerneville

Release Your Stress In The Riverbed In Guerneville!

Two years ago Joan Hawley McClain, her husband Anslem, and her daughter Hazel moved to Guerneville here on the Russian River. I had the pleasure of helping Joan and Anslem find their perfect home here in our Russian River paradise. It wasn’t too long after they made their move to our quaint little town that the local dispensary closed and a building on Armstrong Woods became available. Joan seized this opportunity and opened Riverbed Yoga Studio. Joan had been teaching yoga for ten years and wanted to share her passion with the Russian River and everyone visiting this gorgeous place.
The most unique part of the Riverbed Yoga Studio here in Guerneville is that they cater to the individual and what their needs are. They offer a safe, judgement free zone, where anyone at any experience level can go and practice yoga and gain the inner strength and peace that it offers.
Riverbed offers custom classes for wedding parties, baby-moons, birthday weekends, family reunions, and retreats. They will make sure that your instructor will provide your group with an unforgettable practice at your venue or they will host your group at their studio here on Armstrong Woods road in Guerneville. Riverbed yoga studio also offers private sessions for those individuals who want one on one time with a professional instructor who can help them work on their specific needs. They also offer group classes on a daily schedule with styles such as Kripalu, Vinyasa, Restorative, Hatha, Kundalini, Yoga Nidra, and Sound Healing. For more information about what types of classes are available and a comprehensive list of the prices please visit
Riverbed is also a huge part of the local community! They host local artists in the First Friday Art Walk here on the Russian River and make connections with each artist, learning about their specific strengths as an artist and helping them gain exposure for their work. They have donated meals to the West County Winter Shelter to help feed the poor and the hungry here on the Russian River in the winter season when it is cold and rainy! They also participated wholeheartedly in the Sonoma County Pride Festivities and showed their support for the local diversity! One of the most interesting thing that they have done is that they joined up with LandPaths docents to lead a meditation hike through Bohemia Ecological Preserve.
Riverbed is quickly becoming widely known for its accepting and relaxing atmosphere as well as the level of comfort that is so difficult to find these days and yet so greatly desired. Riverbed provides mats, blankets, bolsters, blocks and straps, as well as cold Alhambra water and a selection of Guayaki Yerba Mate as part of your class purchase. The people are full of praises and helpful suggestions and are there to help enhance your yoga experience.
I have found over the years that selling Guerneville real estate is much better done after a session at Riverbed Yoga Studio. It is close to my office and I know Joan from having sold her and Anslem their home. I feel at peace there and I know that Riverbed has many of the same core beliefs as Millar and Company. If you have been thinking about buying a second home full of peace and tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of the city call David R. Millar at 707-217-1786 or visit us at We can also be found on Google+, Twitter, and on our Word Press blog titled Russian River Land and Home. I am David Millar and I am ready to find you your next home in paradise! #Russianriverrealestate #activelife #Russianriverliving #guernevillerealestate #guerneville
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